WKG Korp-Grünbart-Lison Rechtsanwälte GmbH


Ried, Andorf, Braunau


Confidence is the foundation of our cooperation!

We are acting as an innovative and dynamic team consisting of 3 lawyers located in Ried, Andorf and Braunau.

Our key success factors are a combination of  experience,  fast and immediate but precise solving of all tasks, and most important: passion for our job.

We always try to provide legal advice on a very high level and are constantly effort to protect our clients interests to the best of our abilities.

We are members of Austrian Legal Network ( which consists of more than 35 Lawyers in Austria. This membership and our cooperation with tax firms and economic consultancy firms makes it possible, to work without any specific or regional restrictions.

Number of Lawyers: 3


  •   Employment law
  •   Company Law
  •   Warranty and compensation law
  •   Marriage and Family Law
  •   Intellectual Property
  •   Contract Law
  •   Bankruptcy Law
  •   Corporate restructuring
  •   Registered mediator
  •   Criminal Law

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