About Us

Established in 2006, ICLA (the International Commercial Law Alliance) is a strategic grouping of law firms from across the globe. ICLA does not itself offer legal services, only its member law firms do, and clients form attorney/client relationships with the particular law firm(s) representing them.

Our goal is to enable clients to receive first class legal advice to their clients in whatever jurisdiction is required.  

Member firms are not just chosen for their reputation and expertise, but also for their commitment to client care standards.  Those standards are enshrined in our written constitution; to which each member has formally subsribed.

It is for these reasons that Alliance members have attracted as clients some of the world's best known companies.

ICLA member law firms can also help your businesses in the following areas:

• Corporate and commercial law

• Litigation and dispute resolution

• Intellectual property

• Technology and telecoms

• Employment

• Commercial property

• Media law



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